Shaoxing Shangyu District Convenience Service Center: Service "Model Student" for the people

Shaoxing Shangyu District Convenience Service Center: Service "Model Student" for the people

Original title: Shangyu District Convenience Service Center: Ms. Huang, who is "model students" Shaoxing Shangyu District, Baiguan Street, ready to open a media company, recently being processed by relevant procedures such as company registration.

From the official seal to the application invoice, I originally thought that I had to run a lot of departments, I spent a few days, I didn’t expect to only ran only the Shangyu District Convenience Service Center, and it took a few hours. "It is convenient to imagine. .

Ms. Huang said.

  In 1999, Shangyu gathered together the service window of the dispersed, established an Convenience Service Center to achieve the transition from "multiple run". As a government centralized government centralized government in the country, this move has also set off a tide of government administrative system reform. Because "Into a Door" can do everything, the convenience service center is known as "government supermarket" by the local people. Wang Mei Fang, the head of the municipal supervisor window experienced this process.

In 2004, 34-year-old Wang Mei Fang became the staff at the time of the business window.

"In the past, the masses handled the procedures involved in enterprises, and they should take a running department.

After concentration, most procedures can be tied here, and the praise heard at the time is too much! "After the relocation of 2006, the center settled in the department unit became 34, and the people’s doing things were more convenient to have new problems: the window of different departments did not unify the window, the masses must be upstairs Different windows ran back.

Wang Mei Fang remembers that the work in the window at the time was late from the morning, often tired of the window, everyone held a thick amount of information in each person.

"Enterprises have finished working here, I have to guide them to different windows according to the business needs of the company." Wang Mei Fang said, when she didn’t dare to drink more water in order not to delay the masses, she did not dare to drink more water.

"Up to one time" reform, this problem is invisible. Nowadays, there is no longer a chance of row before the various windows of the Convenience Service Center of the Shangyu District. "Don’t look at the scene, you can do more every day." Wang Mei Fang pointed to the computer introduction, there are currently 157 processes to handle it through the municipal supervision window.

Now, relying on the data online, the masses do even realize "zero errands", and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Taking the company’s "one thing" as an example, it takes 23 days in the past, and now it is shortened to 8 hours. Only more than 3,000 business licenses in one month, the amount of handling of the past year.

  Adhering to "Running is the bottom line, one without running is a normal, running many times is an exception", the center hall has a total of 11 comprehensive acceptance windows, and the entire department is included in 794 things, ensuring the number and quality of the unit. On the basis, the number of processes for a single window is about 200, solves the "finding a departmental guys, find the window to dizzy", realize the masses and enterprises "to enter a door, take a number, run a window, run one Thing.

  The Shangyu District Convenience Service Center is a minority of Shaoxing City to create a "more satisfactory" government service brand. In 2021, Shaoxing City promoted people’s livelihood on the township (street) Convenience Service Center to do 80%, model type, standard village-level convenient service center reached 50%, more than 200 high-frequency matters in counties " .

(Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).

Shaoxing Shangyu District Convenience Service Center: Service "Model Student" for the people