Zhejiang Huzhou: "Co-rich New Electric Tu" is on the line to present a new era of demand

Zhejiang Huzhou: "Co-rich New Electric Tu" is on the line to present a new era of demand

  On August 31, Zhejiang Huzhou launched "Co-rich New Electricity", with electricity data for Huzhou to strive for high-quality development, jointly prosperous demonstration zone, provide data basis and decision-making reference, presenting new era people .

  In July of this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have listed the first batch of pilots in the co-affordable demonstration zone of high quality development. Huzhou is in a base color, with a balanced character, and the right-handed steadyness is struggling to move forward to the common prosperity and beautiful society. National Network Huzhou Power Supply Company uses digital reform thinking and methods, take the initiative to serve local government departments, and innovate the "Co-rich New Electricity" to create a digital application platform that supports people.

  "Co-rich new electricity map" is based on power data, covering the economic prosperity, rich and rich, ecological and beautiful, urban and rural (district county) equilibrium, "two guarantees" monitoring and other five function modules.

In terms of economic prosperity, through industry and commerce and residents’ power supply and year-on-year growth rate reflects regional industries, commerce development and residential living standards, show social and economic development; spirituality, through schools, libraries, theater, etc. Electrical data measurement reflects the construction of spiritual civilization; Residents’ per capita electricity ratio, per capita new energy is consistent, power supply reliability, power supply satisfaction rate comparison, measure the coordinated development level of urban and rural and districts; "two guarantees" monitoring, through monitoring "two guaranteed" electricity Data such as preferential electricity bills, pay attention to low-income people living conditions, assist identification help objects, and promote the improvement of normalization assistance, and accurate texture "Pavilion Network".

  "From July, it can be seen that Huzhou Changxing County has a relatively high economic prosperity, and the spirit of the spirit of Huzhou Anji County is relatively high.

"Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the National Network Huzhou Power Supply Company," the advantages and short boards in the counties are clear, and it provides a reference for subsequent accurate efforts.

"Come over, the country’s network Huzhou power supply company actively and local government departments on the needs of collecting problems, the study of common prosperity, goals, key tasks, path methods and policy measures, relying on Huzhou Energy Big Data Center and enterprise data, Collect local industrial and commercial, urban and rural residents, cultural and scent, education, tourism, sports, power supply, reliability, and new energy amazing, etc. , Equalization, coordination, help Huzhou accelerate the construction of a common rich green sample. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Meqi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Zhejiang Huzhou: "Co-rich New Electric Tu" is on the line to present a new era of demand