Tax and fee promotion

Tax and fee promotion

Xishuangbanna Taxation Department is in depth in the company in Lunlun Town Plant Garden Scenic Area to carry out tax on-site Q & A and tax promotion activities.

Zhao Yi’s medicine is one of the four major national medicine in my country. According to statistics, there are more than 1,200 Yi drugs in my country.

In recent years, the Xishuangbanna Prefecture Committee of Yunnan Province, the state government has put forward the large healthy industry represented by the Pai Nanjia, one of the "six major eco-economic industries", which is listed as a key cultivation, and reduced the tax reduction in the country. Under the help of fees, the pharmaceutical industry glows unprecedented vitality and vitality. In the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna, the thick woods cover the sky, and all rare animals and plants are collected together.

Among them, the longest-lived trees in plants known to date – Dragon Blood Tree are quietly growing.

It has a thick trunk because its rush is bright, such as blood, is a precious Yunnan red medicine.

At the end of the 1960s, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden undertakes the responsibility of South China Medicine. The founder of my country’s famous botanists, China Academy of Sciences, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, found that the dragon blood tree resources were discovered in 1972, presided over the development, developed "rainforest" "Dragon Blood Series", Xishuangbanna Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (predecessor is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden Pharmaceutical Factory), which has become a manufacturer of the first dragon exhaus in my country. In order to help the medical enterprises, the Xishuangbanna tax department fully combeds the tax and fee promotional policy involving the pharmaceutical industry. According to the needs of enterprises, it provides reservoir home tutor service, and uses "online + line" to perform accurate droplet discharge mode, To interpret the tax and fee promotional policy for the company, let the tax benefits become the "true gold and silver" of the company.

"The tax department provides a one-on-one service, allowing us to enjoy the tax reduction and tax reduction policy, in recent years, the annual operating income growth is more than 20%." When talking about tax and fee policy, the company’s financial person in charge Tang Qibo introduced Road, 2019 Enterprise Enjoy Small and Micro Enterprise Income Tax Repair Near 10,000 yuan, 2020 enjoy the Western Development Policy to reduce 10,000 yuan during the epidemic, and the phased social security fee is reduced by 360,000 yuan, providing a crucial help for enterprises.

"As a local company, under the blessing of tax and fee policy, we will further do our products inheritance and innovation, establish an innovative modern Chinese medicine enterprise, certainly live the research results of older generations." Tang Qibo said. With the development of modern "South medicine research and development, the production is continuously evolved, the drugs in the rainforest are also entered the high-quality development stage. The various production links of the Pharma South Medicine require strict requirements, require a large number of R & D funds to support, and the implementation of tax reduction and tax reduction policy, to a certain extent, provide information on "live water". "The tax reduction and tax reduction policy has injected new vitality for our Pharmaceutical South Drugs. From January to June this year, the tax cut is 10,000 yuan. We are more confident to guard the inheritance of the drug, and A avenue.

Chen Rui, "Xishuangbanna Co., Ltd." It is reported that the company is the most economical modern production enterprise in China. It was founded in December 2002 and was identified as "provincial key agricultural leading enterprises".

The relevant person in charge of the Xishuangbanna Taxation Bureau said that Xishuangbanna is rich in abundant herbal resources. It has unique traditional advantages of Dai Medicine. The tax department will continue to accurately and dock the company’s tax-related demand, and continuously expand tax reduction and low-cost reduction, and promote the innovation and development of the Chinese medicine inheritance. To help build a "medical contribution + tourism" industry, provide strong support for the construction of the world tourist city.

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Tax and fee promotion