Zhongyuan Bank serves modern Henan construction with practical action

Zhongyuan Bank serves modern Henan construction with practical action

Adhere to the homogenous and innovative services to serve the economy and develop high-quality service enterprises is to serve the province’s working overall situation; supporting the entity economy is to support Henan development. Under the new development of the double cycle, the Zhongyuan Bank revolves around the provincial party committee and the provincial government "as the maintenance of manufacturing high-quality development as the main attack direction", the maintenance industry, service entity economy as the weight, deepening Manufacturing layers operate, increase support for manufacturing. As of the end of August 2021, the Zhongyuan Bank manufacturing has a balance billion yuan for public loans, and hundreds of millions of dollars in this year. Focus on key areas such as two new, utilities, and people’s livelihood services, the Central Plains Bank continued to strengthen credit support, as of the end of August, have accumulated major project support funds from 19.5 billion yuan.

Modern Henan construction must promote the "high plain" in the county economy. In 2021, the county of Zhongyuan Bank intended to increase 10 billion yuan in the whole year. As of the end of the last half, it added 6.7 billion yuan in the end of the year. Next, the Zhongyuan Bank will continue to force the mechanism business, local pillar and specialty industries, local state-owned enterprises, etc. The Provincial Party Committee’s Work Conference clearly proposed that "innovation driver, science and education province, talent strong province" strategy as the "top ten strategy" in depth, for continuous promotion of digital transformation, is unswervingly adhered to the innovative Central Plains Bank, This is undoubtedly a great favorable.

It is the power source of the modernization of the Central Plains Bank in the modernization of the Central Plains Bank.

Dong Tian, ??Lingling Machine, and Mobile Work Platform form a complete set of digital marketing, job system, can effectively expand the company’s customer manager’s job radius and improve marketing accuracy, and achieve marketing and credit parallel operations, significantly improve work performance.

At present, with the support of the overall digital marketing system, the bank realizes 438 households, bringing billions of dollars and balance billions of loans.

Deepening the pragmatic support of the country’s revitalization of the country, after the national deflect of poverty, it is necessary to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages, which is the historical transfer of the focus of "three rural" work.

In order to ensure that the Party Central Committee and the major deployment of the State Council have been implemented, the provincial party committee focused on proposing, and we must implement a rural revitalization strategy and accelerate the construction of modern agriculture. In the service, the original father and the old folks are committed. In 2016, the Zhongyuan Bank took the lead in the national peers to propose "Internet to the countryside" strategy, establish Hui Nong Financial Department, support rural financial services infrastructure construction, forming "county + towns + Hui Nong Service Station "Trinity Financial Services Network.

Up to now, Zhongyuan Bank has established 204 branch in the county, more than 7,000 Pu Hui Financial Services Station, which makes more than 15 million Henan folks to enjoy "service does not go out, no village, village has outlets, households have credit" The convenient financial service effectively fills the rural financial service blank and expands the financial services ecological circle. As of the end of August 202, the Zhongyuan Bank involved the farm loans of the farm loans, adding 100 million yuan from the beginning of the year, of which farmers loan billion yuan, and the preferential loans of farmers involved in farmers.

This year’s April 20th is destined to load the development of the Central Plains Bank. In order to better promote the revitalization of rural villages, the bank established a rural revitalization financial department. This not only marks the development of the Zhongyuan Bank to "Internet Dwelling" strategy, but also shows the tries to actively explore the reform of the system mechanism, and the determination to revive the pioneers of the village.

The social responsibility is actively involved in rebuilding the undertakings. It is seriously in the summer of this summer. After the provincial government, the provincial government rebuilt "Golden Ten", the Sino-Central Plain, the first time scheduled deployment, research and formulates the implementation rules, and goes to help the masses to resume production and life, and enterprises accelerate complex production. Smell the "flood" and increase credit investment. For Zhengzhou, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Zhoukou, etc. in Zhengzhou, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Zhoukou, Zhongyuan Bank single-column special restoration production and operation credit is 10 billion yuan, consumption credit supports 300 million yuan, fully protects credit demand such as people’s livelihood and corporate reconstruction.

Up to now, after the disaster, reconstructing replenishment loans have been approved 122 households, and the amount of billion yuan; it has been put in 191, and the amount of 100 million yuan.

Charcoal in the snow, actively and relieved. Enterprises, individual industrial and commercial industrial households affected by the epidemic, and the Central Plains banks do not delighten, no punishment, continuous loans, and give a temporary extension of the release. Up to now, the bank involves the extension of enterprise customers in the affected area, and the payment of the payment of the payment will be charged; the personal customers involved in the affected area is still the payment loan amount of billion yuan.

High standing, "Look at the mountains"; standing in the real, and can be "high rise level".

Zhongyuan Bank will continue to be based on actual, play an advantage, continuously improve the financial services level, struggling to build a first-class city firm, in order to build a "four strong provinces, a highland, a home" socialist modernized modernization of Henan and compose New era Central Plains more colorful The post source is constantly incorporating pounds.

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Zhongyuan Bank serves modern Henan construction with practical action