WCBA Sichuan, Inner Mongolia Hao 13 winning victory

WCBA Sichuan, Inner Mongolia Hao 13 winning victory

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing December 9 (Reporter Zhang Zewei) has a number of national hands of Sichuan women’s basketball and Inner Mongolia women’s basketball battle, and after a relaxing opponent in the Chinese Women’s Basketball League (WCBA) on the 9th, the two teams have maintained this season. Unbeaten, 13 consecutive victories.

  Image from Osports All Sports Media Sichuan Women’s Basketball Basketball is a hidden basket of Zhejiang women’s basketball team.

Due to the obvious gap between the two parties, the Zhejiang team sent a young player to start the rhythm of the opponent.

However, the Sichuan team insisted on his play, Han Xu took the back of the back, Jia Saiqi’s exterior lines, and the Sichuan team started 29: 9 score. The Sichuan team oppressed, the opponent is difficult to fight, and the inside and outside the hand is burst, the two-point ball rate is 62%, and the three-point ball rate is also up to 57%.

In the end, the Sichuan team scored in the doubles was easily won at 104: 66. The opponent of the inner Mongolia women’s basketball team is a good fortune.

Due to the targeted defense, Shanxi women’s basketball team scored difficult. After entering the second half, the Inner Mongolia team always leads about 30 points of opponents, but the Shanxi team has never given up, making the strength and confrontation of the game. In the end, the advantage of the basket is obvious, and the inner and sharp Inner Mongolia team won the victory at 104: 62. Li Yuyu cut the highest 21 points in the audience and contributed 9 rebounds.

  Image from Osports All Sports Media Thirteen rounds, the Inner Mongolia team and the Sichuan team were only two of the two maintained teams. The Inner Mongolia team was in the first place, and the Sichuan team is in the second place. In other competitions on the same day, the Beijing women’s basketball team defeated the Shanghai women’s basketball team at 77:71, and the Dongguan women’s basketball team defeated Wuhan women’s basketball team at 94:71, and the Liaoning women’s basketball team lost to the Chinese University Student Sports Association Women’s Basketball.

  On the 10th, WCBA will conduct the dispute of the thirteenth round of the remaining four games. Editor in charge: Guo Jian.

WCBA Sichuan, Inner Mongolia Hao 13 winning victory