Where is the news?

Where is the news?

Today is the twenty-two Chinese journalist. The morning in the morning is on the morning, but a warmth is already flowing in a friend. Friends and relatives greetings, the governor of peers, let this holiday holiday, add a warm weather in the quenching weather.

The day of the office is like it.

There is a reporter is in the bag, there is an editor being pondering the topic, and the commentator is discussing the news of the epidemic, and the sound of the keyboard is familiar with the sound, and the busy day begins. At this point, the reporter is quiet, and the reporter is a reporter, not in a reporter certificate, but the social responsibility behind this occupation, and the public value of the attached to the responsibility, the concept of intrinsic understanding And the professional practice of crossing. The distressed and glory of the times, the sorrow and joy of society, leaving a mottled imputation in our pen.

The reader’s expectations, the people’s expectations, let us have a clear navigation mark. So, we sincerely painfully painted his duties and mission, conscientiously cultivating their dreams and pursuit, walking into the mountains and rivers, personnel things, and looks in to present the social development with their own limited.

Where is the news, where is the reporter. But this year is extraordinary, a prominent feeling is that we are not only witnessed, record the current society, more experience, participate, accompany the era. This year, we have experienced too much too much.

From the beginning of the year’s epidemic floods, from the undergoing disaster rebuilt to the sudden epidemic, the density of social information and the concentration of life experience suddenly increased, the whole society, each family, everyone, all over the test. There is a photo that is impressive on July 20th, Henan Daily Night Square Editor Center’s office desk, only a table lamp, several editing shun, overcome heavy difficulties to ensure that newspapers are officially published. That afternoon, the area where the newspaper building was located at the same time, and the network was interrupted, the server was parked, the servement, the editing software stopped & hellip; & hellip; when the no effort was reported to report the disaster, we also tired for the disaster.

Just relying on a small generator, relying on the light, the newspaper has completed the publication, and the reporter editors completed the mission. With each photo, you can use each photo, each photo is present, and each frame is high. It is very bright in every newspaper, and the newspaper on the hand is very unusually, but it is soaked that the reporter editor They are hot and sincere emotions.

Just this year, I have seen Henan Daily reporter Zhao Tongzheng reported that the red arm that was severely sunburned when the flood rescue was reported. I saw that the river reporter Wu Guoqiang held a camera in one hand in the flood in Qi chest. I saw a few people. Colleagues sat in the dumplings to interview the masses of the disaster area & hellip; & hellip; Henan Daily commentator in sunny, on July 21st, in the middle of the road, anxiously, the big brother strive for help, she took her experience Written in the comments. Among the epidemic prevention and control of the year, some reporters have also hosted home to isolate, with line office to complete the task; in the rainfall floods, many colleagues’ vehicles are also flooded, the disaster is warm and warm, and the recent epidemic prevention and control, many colleagues first Time to send children to do nucleic acid detection & hellip; & hellip; we are reporters, also parents’ children, their husbands, children’s parents. As the recorder of the times, we witnessed history; as a common member of society, we are also accompanying this era.

How many soils under the feet, how many truths are in my heart.

When all Zhengzhou people, especially primary and secondary school teachers and students are fighting with the epidemic, when the country far outside the hundred miles is busy reconstruction after the disaster, when the white-collar workers in the office are discussing their Tasks, we are also dedicated to record the warmth of this era. With growth, progress and change, and try to offer sincere and fair words or lens, pursue simple and sincere emotions.

It’s all over the winter, and the cold wind whizes, but we have a fire in our hearts, and there is light.

No, the cold wind can be sent to you, no smog can cover warm sun. Heart has sunshine, there must be far.

What we can do, there is a companion. News is there. (□ Xue Shijun).

Where is the news?