What makes this team to call it, the battle will win?

What makes this team to call it, the battle will win?

The picture shows the trainee training.

People’s Daily reporter He Yu took the early morning, the north of the late autumn already had a little chill, and the yellow leaves were also gradually falling.Just after 6 o’clock, the sky is also bright, the emergency management department fire rescue bureau Tianjin Training Corps, more than 150 trained students have completed the whole team, ready to go.

With the sound of the "report" sound, the new day begins again.This year, the fourth phase of the detachment deputy director training course, which means that the trained students are "backbone" of each unit.

Training started from National Day holidays, 34 participants from the fire rescue team, the training team and the fire rescue college and the forest fire fighting team, respectively, for a period of 1 month, and finally based on the results of the assessment. Certificate.

Meet the challenge, we always prepare training as a necessary condition for promotion of the title, the course is tight and rich in content.

At the beginning of the first week, many students have experienced varying degrees of adaptation.

It is well known that fire rescue has strict requirements for the physical strength of the commander and firefighters.

Therefore, the training here has arranged an appropriate amount of physical training and to perform a comprehensive physical test, and it is necessary to score according to age groups and completion. The maximum age is 48 years old, with an average age of 41 years old, such an assessment setting, which has undoubtedly increased difficulty in this batch of "veteran". Many students have frankly, participate in this training class "pain and happiness". From the entry to the team, with the increase in working hours and resume, the promotion of the position, this group of middle cadres returned to the initial heart, turning into ordinary students, the biggest difficulty is the adjustment of mentality and state. But everyone has experienced the experience of the soldiers, and the standard requirements of the disciplined troops will still be implemented after reforming the transformation, and there is regular, disciplined collective life is normal.

"This training made me really found itself and see the direction of effort.

"The Party of the Gansu Provincial Forest Fire Corps blunt, the forest firefighting team acts as an important force in the construction of Ping An China, must take the initiative to meet the challenge of" all disaster "" big emergency ", only this team is ready, high quality Efficient should be dealt with all kinds of disaster accidents, so that the lives and property of the people will be protected by maximizing the security, happiness and feelings of the people. This is also the meaning of the whole team that requires regular education training. Strict Self-discipline, we keep political nature "energy supply station, experience exchange area, image demonstration park", from the Hunan Provincial Fire Remodel Corps, Liang Feng, summarized his training experience with three words. He cherishes this replenishment energy Opportunity, and frank, this training focused on strengthening political theoretical learning, imposing enlightenment, broad thinking, guiding daily work, solving some of the problems encountered in practical work.

Participants from all over the country, not only personal, but also their own collectives. The collective honor of engraved in the bones, let this group of cadres from dressing, cleaning to classroom learning, training assessment, one line, one fell fell more stringent requirements. "These strict requirements are precisely the characteristics of our national comprehensive fire rescue team, which is clear requirement in" forming the national comprehensive fire rescue team. "

"Guangdong Province Fire Rescue Corps, Lu Shi Cheng, told reporters, not just one of him, almost all students believe that this training is full.

Why do the students harvested so big? Teaching Brigade’s instructor Cui Xue has given the answer. Some people in the class discuss the sound of too large, direct point to criticize, some people look at mobile phone, doze off, direct some calls … After all, is cadres, do you have concerns in your heart? Cui Xue laughed and replied: "I haven’t considered this problem.

"Management strictly does not give" face ", everyone returns to ordinary party membership, regularly hold organizational life conferences, everyone has any opinions and suggestions to get feedback and resolution in the first time. Here, each student knows, theory The level of literacy and business is sublimated.

Stick to the initial heart, we are constantly a quiet and peaceful training team in the night, and have long been tensionful, and only the signs of the dormitory curtains will tell you, and this day has not ended. Many students have to deal with their respective "job" after the training course, and Wang Yu, a student of the Zhejiang Fire Rescue Corps, is one of them. As a district team leader in the four district teams, he must first seize the team in the area. "This is where I started, and it is also a place I firmly.

"Talking about the initial heart, Wang Yusi, who is sitting next to the desk, has a deep trick. Fifteen years ago, he used to train and learn here. More than ten years have passed, and there is still a little ridiculous base, which has changed Looking back, I have never regretted the original career choice, and he learned from here, the imprint of the heart is never changed. Wang Yu believes that in any case, leading cadres should recognize that they first A communist party member, must have faith and firm beliefs, to learn trust, truly realize that the Chinese Communist Party is the vanguard of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, the initial heart is to make happiness for the Chinese people and the revival of the Chinese nation, constantly transforming their own Thoughts, temper your own party spirit and improve your ability.

Focusing on emergency management and fire rescue business, deepening the judgment of the current security situation, paying attention to preventing significant risks in the prevention, the graph is not sprouted, and the ability to prevent and dispose of natural disasters, fire explosions and other emergencies Ensure the lives and property safety of the people, safeguarding national stability and social prosperity.

"The times are changing, but the will and faith to party loyalty have changed; the system is changing, but the discipline is strict and the style is not changed; the identity is changing, but the responsibility and action to go to the fire; the name is changing, but sincerely The initiality and mission of the people did not change. "Although the sound was lowered, he still waved while he was excited.

As a member of the fire rescue team, Wang Yu’s thoughts have a voice of thousands of firefighting warpersons. The swordsman gone, the fire sea dare, calling, war. As the main force and national team of emergency rescue, the national comprehensive fire rescue team with iron discipline to build iron team, will always do not forget the initial heart, the charge is before.

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What makes this team to call it, the battle will win?