Tesla was prosecuted for $ 162 million Masque for 7 consecutive days

Tesla was prosecuted for $ 162 million Masque for 7 consecutive days

  Mask sells stocks, global concern. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, as of November 17, Masque has sold Tesla stock on the 7th consecutive day, and about 8.2 million shares were sold.

It sells 10% of the commitment to the commitment to the half, accumulated a cumulative set of $ 8.8 billion (equivalent to RMB 56.2 billion). According to the latest documentation of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Mask made about about 10,000 options on November 16, and this part of the option will expire on August 13, 2022.

In addition, Mask also sold Wanxi Tsra stock on the same day, worth $ 100 million to pay the option to exercise the tax. Mask This series of movements not only leads to Ttersla stock prices, but also indirectly enrolls the lawsuit of the US Bank Giant Morgan Datong. The latest news shows that Morgan Datong claims to a document submitted to the Manhattan Federal Court recently, "Tesla is openly ignored to Morgan Tatong full payment," Turk Tribut, accused Slasia violates the warrant agreement and requires compensation for more than 100 million US dollars (approximately RMB 100 million). Due to the non-payment of the Warrants, Tiritong, Tesla, Different Dollar, said that the main reason for the prosecution of Teslagen is that Tesla failed to pay the payment transactions related to the contract, requiring it. Compensation for more than 100 million US dollars. The focus of this case is a series of warrants transactions in February 2018 and March. According to the above transaction requirements, at the time of the warrant, if the market price of Tesla stocks is higher than the "perpetration price", Tesla must deliver stocks or cash to JPMorgan Datong.

  Morgan Great Tong said that Masque said in Pilot in August 2018 that Tesla has "Get Fund" will privatize with $ 420 of $ 420, then the value of these warrants is extremely shrinking, but then Tesla’s share price has risen until June 2021 and July, its share price is much higher than the original price and the right price.

  The reporter noticed that after Masque 2018, Morgan Tatong has been adjusted by the decrease of the perpetration price.

In addition, in August 2020, Tesla conducted a deprecation of the 5-demolished shares, and the share price decreased.

As a result, JPMorgan Datong once again adjusted the row level to the US dollar. "Although the adjustment of Morgan Tatong is appropriate, it is also the requirements of the contract, but Tesla refuses to settle the contract with the contract and full payment of the funds that are in Moconte," Jimorgan Tatong raised in the Manhattan Federal Court. "Tesla is open to the contract obligation.

Therefore, Tesla must immediately pay more than 100 million US dollars to Tatong.

"In the face of Morgan Datong multiple adjustments to the right price, Tesla said that Morgan Datong’s adjustment is" opportunistic move, attempt to use Tesla stock volatility. "

  According to the complaint, the expiration of 2020 to 2021, Tesla’s stock has already appeared incredible rising (close to 10 times), which has greatly exceeded the price of the Tiritong Adjustment.

Just Jimorgan Tatong believes that the warrant "has made a lot of money", contact Tesla requires that Tesla is "re-adjust again".

  In this regard, Tesla is said that the sale of the warrant is to reduce the stake dilution of the other convertible bonds, and reduce its federal income tax. However, Morgan Chase said that Tesla refused full settlement, so triggered ‘early termination’ provisions. Morgan Tatong believes that Tesla is still owed to 228775 shares in the termination of trading. According to Tesla share price and executive price, these stocks will be about 100 million US dollars, so I file a lawsuit to the local court, ask Tesla immediately Pay the corresponding payment. Masque has set 56.2 billion yuan for 7 consecutive days, Tesla, half a month, plummeted, except for huge lawsuits, in November, Maske fierce, the murder, and the focus of the industry, the focus of the industry.

  As early as November 6, Mask launched a poll on the public media and asked 62.5 million fans to sell 10% Tesla stock (worth $ 21 billion, about 130 billion yuan). He also said that no matter what the results will "observe the voting result".

The results of the voting show that as of the end of the voting on November 7, nearly 58% of the voting were supported. According to the reporter, as of June 30 this year, Tesla stocks held by Mask were about 100 million shares.

This means that to reach 10% of the sale ratio, Mask needs to have a total of approximately 17.05 million cluster stocks, which is equivalent to% of the company’s circulation stocks, and Mask has indeed achieved "compliance with voting results".

  According to the latest document of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Masque continues to exercise options in November 16, and purchased nearly 2.11 million shares of Tsla stocks per share. Since November 8, Mask has sold about 8.2 million shares, with a value of approximately $ 8.8 billion (equivalent to about 56.2 billion yuan). This is also more than 5 years, Masque is intensive for the first time. Tesla stock.

  It should be pointed out that according to the commitment, future Mask still needs to continue to reduce at least 8.85 million shares, calculate the latest share price, the corresponding market value is about 100 million US dollars.

In fact, as part of the salary plan, Mask has received 2.2.8 million stock option rewards in 2012, and the implementation price is the US dollar per share, and these options will expire in August 2022.

  However, as Mask is unopened, Tesla stock price has also fell. On November 16th, Tesla discs were over 5%, and the share price touched the USD / share. On November 17, the share price rebounded.

As of the closing, Tesla stock price rose, the latest market value is trillion. However, compared to the high November 4th, the market value has exceeded 175.9 billion US dollars (approximately RMB 11.243 billion).

  In this regard, Cui Dongshu evaluation of the Secretary-General of the Travel Association said that Tesla stock price rising core reasons believe that the transformation of new energy cars is a big trend, and Tesla will always exceed expectations in this regard. But Tesla’s bubble risks are certainly existed.

"When the valuation is too high, the two stock prices have been too fast." Cui Dongshu said that Tesla fill the bubble during the development process. (Securities Daily Gong Mengze) CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities, Securities News · Securities Network" belong to China Securities Newspaper, China Films.

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Tesla was prosecuted for $ 162 million Masque for 7 consecutive days