Zhongqing Net Review: China Program leads global climate governance

Zhongqing Net Review: China Program leads global climate governance

  Coping to meet the challenge of climate change, seek common way and natural harmony.

On the evening of April 22, the US President Biden invited, the President Xi Jinping attended the Leaders’ Climate Summit in Beijing, and published an important speech entitled "Common Construction of the Natural Life Community". Earth is all human.

Environmental governance, afflicted human fate.

On the day, the 52nd "World Earth Day", the United Nations Secretary General Gurdres disclosed a data at the Leaders’ Climate Summit: In the past 10 years, the most hot 10 years since the record, the global temperature has risen to degrees Celsius, "The critical value of the disaster is quickly approaching".

There is no need to dramatically listen – the green globe we look forward to welcoming the severe red alert. The poet Doy is said, "No one is an isolated island." In the Destiny in the human lips and teeth, global governance, focusing on the overall linkage, in order to truly change the prejudice of the headache for the head pain. "Nature is the cradle of all creatures" "The lakes of Lake Lake Lake is inseparable." We must consider the natural ecological elements in accordance with the inherent law of the ecosystem "… Xi Jinping Chairman discussion, It has highlighted the overall situation of the system to respond to the global climate change. World climate, why govern? One words, it is to jointly build people with the natural life community. In climate change, biodiversity loss, desertification intensification, today’s today’s frequent climate events, what is the community of people? In the end, it is the harmony between the heavens and people, the temper, the harmony between people and nature, the harmony between people and the world. Obviously, this is a specific extension of the human fate community concept in the ecological environment. When I explain that people and the natural life community concept, Xi Jinping’s "six persistence" proposed by the Chairman of Xi Jinping is the best methodology: "persistence and natural harmony" "adhere to the green development" "adhere to system governance" "adhere to people-oriented" "Adhere to multilateralism" "adhere to the principle of common but distinctive responsibility".

  This "six persistence" sounds fresh, but it is a long-term and practical practice in China. China is said so, but also do it. On the one hand, China has exceeded the 2020 level of weather actions in advance; on the other hand, China’s economy maintained considerable high quality growth.

In fact, it is "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", "Like protecting the eyes as a natural and ecological environment" "Protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the fundamental guide", "China I have accumulated the concept and experience of strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and promoting green development.

It is particularly worth mentioning that China is committed to achieving the time from carbon peaks to carbon, far from the time used in developed countries. "Zhong Li, but there is not enough." Global Climate Governance, China is always present.

In the past, President Xi Jinping came to attend the United Nations Biological Diversity Summit, the 20th Council Leaders’ Laye Summit "Guarding the Earth" Theme Border, Climate Ambitions and other important conferences, proposing China Initiative, contributing to China Program.

In a word, China has always been a mobility of global climate environmental governance. With the biggest efforts, with the greatest sincerity, with the help of laws, administration, technology, market, show the biggest developing countries, truly responsible for future generations. And all parties, fate and share. Global governance governing, co-construction, sharing, is also suitable for constructing people and natural life communities.

China is a participant in the construction of ecological civilization, contributors, leaders, courage to work, and work together, we are working hard with all countries to protect all human beings commonplace.

Deng Haijian).

Zhongqing Net Review: China Program leads global climate governance