Yaxi Town: Deep cultivating "Responsible Field" sees people’s livelihood "happiness field"

Yaxi Town: Deep cultivating "Responsible Field" sees people’s livelihood "happiness field"

Since this year, Yaxi Town has been in accordance with the implementation of the "regional rural three-level linkage" work. Happy, feeling, people’s livelihood objectives are powerful and effective.

Up to now, Yakuxi Town has completed 2 real things in the district-level people’s livelihood, completing 10 of the people’s livelihood, 100% completion rate, 50 completion of the village-level practical, and the overall completion rate is over 95%. Do a good job in the field "watchman".

Built the Party Branch in the fields of people’s livelihood, use the party flag to guide the direction, use the party to build a cohesive force, watch the vital interests of the masses. First, the party committee is "plow". By establishing the innovation model of the "Party Committee", the town party committee is the command room, the village party (general) branch is the branch post, planning and deploying people’s livelihood projects in advance.

The second is to open "chisel" on time.

According to the previously determined time node, use the "Wanchart Operation", the way inverting the construction period, combing the list of responsible lists and tasks, and step by step to promote the construction of people’s livelihood implementation projects. The third is to "cultivate" for the people. Through the implementation of educational Huimin projects, enhance the health level of the whole people, enhance public cultural service capacity, and focus on improving the human living environment, promoting the attention of the elderly, and fully protects people’s livelihood, and better meet the needs of the masses on a good life. Attractive Field "Contractor". Concentrate in the power, consract the responsibility of cadres, and enhance the foot power, and go through the fields, and strive to solve the problem of "difficult to point" "blocking point" in the masses, and consolidate the people with practical results.

First, hold the team building "cattle nose". By forming the "1 + 1 + N" team, that is, "responsible field" by 1 "Fair", "Tian Chang", optional at least 1 village cadre, and the village Double Commission, the township, the net. Waiting for N village-level organization to form a group of groups.

"Tian Chang" led the group of live villages to collect a total of more than 220 times, and 67 people’s livelihood, and found 95 people in the field of people’s livelihood.

The second is to hold the "Jockey Club" in the field. In the third quarter, "Jockey Club", in response to the work of people’s livelihood, three "advanced villages" and "backward village" town, the village cadres come to the stage, the grades, find the gap, combined "acres On the hero "mechanism, the completion of the work is linked to the performance appraisal of the year, comprehensively compaction the responsibility of the cadres.

The third is the "flow chart" of the cultivation specification.

In accordance with the process of "mention, discussion, decision, supervision, evaluation" process, the Town People’s Representative integrates the proposal of the masses, the top two levels of town villages, leading the selection of supervisors, and strengthen the supervision of all parties. In the end, the mass satisfaction comments were finalized, and the effects of various practical projects were inquiished.

Tight field "fence wall".

Tight the system "fence wall", textured people’s livelihood "supervision network", pour your heart, and make people’s livelihood to the masses.

First, the leader has set "quantity." 10 real things in the town level, through the residents of the village team, clarify the village-level responsible person, compact each real thing, according to the specific goals of monthly, formulate corresponding measures, and ensure that the project is completed on time. The second is to promote "responsibility".

In the town leadership team, regularly report the progress of people’s livelihood, study lagging project solutions, and supervise the responsibility leadership to strengthen the supervision.

The third is to supervise and make "effective".

The people of the town will inspect the work of the people’s livelihood into the supervision content of the People’s Congress liaison station, and arrange the people’s livelihood in each season, keep on the project implementation process, and put forward solutions to the lag project, and effectively improve the supervision. Town people fully play the supervisory functions and establish two representative supervision teams, and track the process of project implementation.

Shang Huangcun tree road construction speed is significant, starting in August, 60% of the project volume in September, 80% of the completion of the project in October, all completed in November.

Yaxi Town: Deep cultivating "Responsible Field" sees people’s livelihood "happiness field"