The UK will wise the sword to break the E. "Gordon"

The UK will wise the sword to break the E. "Gordon"

[] The British "Deutsum" process is currently in the quagmire. Many media said that the prime minister is currently refunding, unlocking "Deast" dead knots without hair. This reminds the legend of "Gordon" that is never unknown.

Turkey’s ancient legend, Gordon king put the car axle and pillow wood with a rope, claiming to solve this complex knot, who can dominate Asia. Unexpectedly, the Alexander, and the sword of Alexander, broke the knot, which was simple.

  The current "Detertaine" Gordon clutch ring is deducted.

Among the people, North England is universally selected to "hard to degenerate", and the "hard either", the young voters are more hoped to "stay in Europe"; in the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s "Deterta" agreement is not Through the possibility of high, the opposition is large, the people are more, no one can figure out whether the "Deep" agreement has supported more than half of the Agreement.

  So there is a person who is brought to the sword. British Prime Minister Blair is one of them. Blair was one of the youngest prime ministers in the UK. He has won the election three times and served as the British Prime Minister for ten years. In a event held recently in London, Blair’s strong voice of "Detead" is always supported, and if the Prime Minister’s "Detead" program is not afflicted, the members should support "new dean".

  This is actually using the sword of "Second Ergongguan" to cut off "Deo" Gordon. In that speech, Blair opened the door in the first sentence: "UK is in the crisis.

"He proposed that if the people will hold a national referendum, the people will have enough understanding of the seriousness of" Detead ", some lies affecting the results of the" Deuts "in 2016 (for example, the British Independence Party in red double layer On the bus, "Britain will pay a billion pound to the EU" this sensational slogan) will not be able to blind voters, "people will replace the British government who has already lost the right to the right of ‘Deteo’ early. "At present, London has many organizations that" people’s referendum "will be strive. Once the Prime Minister’s" off "program is vetoed by the parliament, they will vocalize, call" Deo "control to re-hand over the British people. Although the way "Detertaine" Gordon has been cut off with second referendum, it has a hidden danger.

For example, if the "secondary refere" is held, the authority of the first referendum is also as explained how the "secondary referendum" option can guarantee whether it is both scientific and easy to understand whether it will have a third referendum … … British Prime Minister Tresa Mei repeatedly said that he would not allow the second "off" referendum. She criticizes Blair’s "People’s Reject" advocates that the "Deep" negotiation will destroy the British’s confidence in democracy.

  In theory, in the UK, the government is still possible to hold secondary referendancy under the pressure of the parliament, but the result of this choice is likely to be just increasing the voting rate of the British people, and the results of the referend are still not Determinative.

Members of the United Kingdom are also worried that the second referendum will further deepen the "split state" of the UK and try to avoid significant decisions in the form of national referendum.

  It seems that it is difficult to cut off "Deep" Gordon knot. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

The UK will wise the sword to break the E. "Gordon"