Wildlife Ambulance Station, Quasuki County, Lhasa, has rescued 340 animals

Wildlife Ambulance Station, Quasuki County, Lhasa, has rescued 340 animals

  Lhasa City Qushit County Wildlife Ambulance Station is located in the Zoo, Qushui County, is the first wildlife ambulance station in Lhasa. It was officially listed in May 2019 and was put into use. The ambulance station covers an area of ??2400 square meters, including a clinic, observation room, animal cage, etc.

Up to now, 340 animals are rescued, including 42 national primary protection animals, 279 national secondary protected animals, and 19 non-national protected animals.

  24-hour guardian carefully raised "Drinking milk, come over.

"At 9 o’clock on August 10, the veterinarian Zashiji took a well-brewed milk powder and came to the small Snow Leopard room for a month ago. She walked, while calling, like a child, like a child. The speech is full of love.

  At 4 o’clock in the morning of the next morning, Zashiji wants to feed Snow Leopard 6 times. "This small Snow Leopard stayed here for a month, just three days did not eat, and there was no bowel movement, and the stomach was sudden and hard.

I have always guarded it, take care of it, now much, it becomes particularly lively. Zheddiri said.

  The 26-year-old Zashiji is very like animals, and the university is also a professional animal husbandry and veterinary professional. Two years in the Quilt Zoo, has successfully raised three small tigers and a small snow leopard. "Every year, there will be a small animal that needs to be artificially raised. I have a big pressure, especially worried about them.

Zashiji said. Observe breathing, feces, body temperature, and Zashiji guardianda to view them around the small animals that require artificial breeding, and they will thrive in the careful feeding of Zashiji. " Minhang Zhuoma, Supantan Dandan, Subai Beans, Subren Magnolia, I named the small animals you raised by myself called subordinates (the meaning of Tibetan language), I would like to grow up healthily.

Za Sidi said. The Wildlife Ambulance Station of Qusa City, Quasuki County Wildlife Ambulance Station is located in the Quilt Zoo, which was officially listed in May 2019. Ambulance The station total covers an area of ??2400 square meters, has a clinic, observation room, animal cage, etc. Today’s invitation team will exchange communication and cooperate with a number of zoo in the Mainland to make long-term guidance on the assistance work.

At the same time, provide professional training and learning for feeding personnel, and improve the business capabilities of the breeders. "The Medical Room has reserves common medical drugs and purchases professional medical testing equipment, improved the medical level of animal rescue, and now the medical conditions of the park are more mature, with a perfect rescue conditions. We also provide the best food for animals. Increase the circle of feeding animals and visit the library, and add equipment such as heater and humidifiers to some extent improve the animal’s living environment.

"The relevant person in charge of the Suvura Zoo said that the person in charge said that the ambulance station has given great help and convenience of wildlife protection work around the counties (districts) around Qushit County and Lhasa, and very It is better to radiate other municipalities (ground), which promotes the wildlife protection work in Lhasa, providing a great habitat and treatment site for wild animals facing the survival crisis and the danger of life. Current helpful animals 340 reporters learned that the rescue station has been rescued by animals leaving habitats due to injuries. As of now, 340 animals are currently rescued, including 42 of the national level protection animals, gold carvings, snow leopards, wild yak , Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild, green peacock, musk, black neck crane, plum deer, etc .; 279 national secondary protection animals, macaques, wolves, Suimee, original musk, vulture, red deer, black bear, Gangye, etc. 19 non-national protected animals, there are snapping turtles, wild waterfowl, red scorpion, etc. In the process of rescue, the animal species of the curved zoo also increased, which greatly enriches the animal species of the zoo.

The zoo also uses park facilities and equipment to carry out wildlife science, publicity, education, protection, etc., and improve the national wildlife protection awareness.

  "The park is planned according to the animal population, optimizes animal population management, and also transmits the public’s concept of protecting wildlife.

"The person in charge said.

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Wildlife Ambulance Station, Quasuki County, Lhasa, has rescued 340 animals