Wuhan Diary: Come, for the same goal

Wuhan Diary: Come, for the same goal

The headquarters of the Hubei Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and the medical team leader interviewed by the People’s Network. People’s Daily News Han Jichen photo "The quilt will also run a batch, the food also changed the trick, try to meet your taste." The person in charge told the leader.

"Basic guarantees are no problem, we are not enjoyed.

We overcome difficulties, try to push the demand to the lowest, do not add trouble to the local area.

"The leader said.

"The hotel has more than 200 waiters. Many of the new year will not come back. At present, there are only 50 people, and there must be a place for security." The person in charge is still not trust. Leader thought, said: "If possible, can we arrange your own chef? Now that the medical staff is our baby, I hope to give them some nutritional adjustments, they protect it, only more powerful Patient. "The person in charge immediately called the hotel manager, on the spot.

"No problem, we also lack the chef." Manager said. Subsequently, the person in charge found the staff of the resident, repeatedly: "People use life to help us, we must fully protect the life of good people.

Thick quilt, heaters, and protective products are prioritized.

"After finishing, he didn’t forget to say to the staff:" I call at 2 pm, you have to tell me to implement the situation.

"Outdoor weather is cold, but this dialogue has temperature and efforts.

"As long as you go to Wuhan direction" 4 hours, it is more than 2,700 kilometers. This is the 95th female nurse Cui Xiao’s back to Hanzhi Road. She is a three fold of the road, and a realistic version is in "?".

Originally, I want to buy the fastest high-speed rail ticket, but the high-speed rail station is closed. Cui Xiao will help, buy a ticket from Harbin to Changsha.

"As long as it is to go to Wuhan direction, it will be more convenient from Changsha to Wuhan." Cui Xiao said.

From the beginning, my mother contained her tears to pack a dumplings, forced her to eat a few, only put her out.

Wuhan Diary: Come, for the same goal